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As media and telecom industries embrace cloud technology and grapple with the exponential growth of IoT devices, companies face the challenges of managing costs, navigating complexity, ensuring security, and upgrading legacy infrastructure. Telecom companies are also in the midst of ever growing network capacity demands, 5G networks deployment, migration towards edge computing and exponential adoption of IoT devices. 

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With a growing range of industrial and consumer applications for vision AI, spanning from the realization of true self-driving vehicles to industrial quality control processes, businesses are struggling to navigate the delicate balance between aggressive innovation, deployment and ownership cost control and user trust.

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Science and automation are reviving farming in this era, with alternative proteins and autonomous agricultural solutions transforming the way we live and bridge social gaps. 


We can already see innovation in new products and changes to business models and systems including responsibility for and distribution of goods. The challenge is to predict and manage the dynamics of these changes, e.g. from fishing to aquaculture and from manual to machine picking.

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The healthcare industry, similar to education, is experiencing a transformation. Despite the gradual improvement in patient knowledge, treatment outcomes, and prevention, there is a shortage of workforce and unequal services. As a result, health providers are encountering new challenges in legalizing and implementing value-based care, while new products such as wearable devices and targeted food are gaining cheaper over-the-counter access to markets compared to new drug development.

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