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At makwa, we are a team of experienced interim managers who work closely with our clients to achieve their business goals.

Our high ethical standards and innovative strategies form the cornerstone of our successful approach.


We delve deep into your business, crafting customized solutions focused on change management to propel your business forward. Contact us today to discover how we can help drive your business to new heights.

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Founder and GM

Corporate executive who managed two re-start from receivership to the bulletin board.

Experienced in setting up markets and businesses (as: production plants and subsidiaries) worldwide. Very familiar in the fields of: agri, healthcare and production.

Formerly appointed by the Governor of the State of Massachusetts to establish and manage their Israel Trade Office.

PWC & McKinsey Alumnus; graduated from Haifa University.

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Sr. Partner

Business owner, former CEO successfully lead an Israeli startup technology into NASDAQ focusing in turnkey integration services as well as stand-alone products in the field of: IoT, active and passive RFID tags (HF & UHF), and other wireless infrastructures.

Skilled in developing business worldwide for private and public companies.

Graduated from Tel Aviv University.

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Sr. Partner

Passionate executive and experienced VP Product and BU manager across a wide range of industries and technologies including SaaS/Cloud services & APIs, machine vision and communications for consumer, industrial and enterprise applications.

Established and managed business units: budget, product, R&D, DevOps/SRE, marketing, operations and HR teams.

Graduated from Technion’s Institute of Technology (Computer Engineering, MBA)

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Our Experiences


About our name...

The name Makwa derives from the Algonquinian Ojibwa North American people language /ma(k)kwa/ “bear”, (with the /x/to be pronounced like the “ch” of German <Bach> or in Scottish <loch>”lake”).

For Makwa founder David Vita, the name has personal associations as he was the founding director of the Massachusetts State representation office in Israel (Massachusetts Indians spoke Algonquin), moreover his strong analytical approach, can best be characterized as “bearish”.

While traditionally, “bears” are viewed as being somewhat pessimistic (expecting securities or markets to fall), the Makwa organization can better be viewed as an organization that is solid, cautious, and looks at all times to optimize growth to provide a maximization of the shareholders wealth.

“When a pine needle falls in the forest, the eagle sees it; the deer hears it, and the bear smells it.” – old First Nations saying.

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