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i4.0 & Israel

I had experience with the “The Goal” a book on the TOC (Goldratt was at the time looking at operations inside /“in”) and we were comparing this approach with “lean manufacturing” in Toshiba (they were looking outside / “in”). So that TOC looked @ throughput, inventory and operating expense while “lean manufacturing” was looking @ all the chain activities from the customer back up: cost, lead time, value-added perspective.

To catch up on the field of manufacturing and integrated logistics that I have left some time ago when at McK and then consulting for the kibbutz plastic industry I tried to update myself on the emerging i4.0 and the first thing I did was to ask a friend and partner with an IoT professional experience as Yuval Viner (former CEO @ Bos Dimex) to update me on what is happening in the market. 

He suggested to look at the IoT industry from the production facilities perspective and classified 3 different factory archetypes that evidences 3 main types: (i) machinery manufacturing / small-lot manufacturing, (ii) automotive / mass – customized production, and (iii) consumer electronics / high-volume production (see also a read from McK).

Today we can look at TOC, lean manufacturing and I4.0 as working in a more holistic way and for a taxonomy of the main innovative technologies driving i4.0 we suggest reading BCG.

For some evidence of i4.0 value drivers look at the below image that can help us understand where a specific innovative technology will impact in terms of efficiency and efficacy.

For some links in Israel you should refer to Israel’s i4.0 base classification. Notice there is a map of the israeli companies and a list you can even add your company onto – see list.


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