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Strategy & Implementation


Welcome to makwa

With decades of experience in driving innovation and growth for technology companies we know that in order to achieve success, all key activities have to function in unison for the common goal.


As interim managers we work "in the trenches" within our customers, facing the challenges firsthand, identifying the team's strengths and together driving growth: from go-to-market and product roadmap to sales and business development. 



Managing cross-functional corporate activities, using both frameworks and intuition to enable quantifiable transformation.

Our commitment lies in collaborating intimately with executives and key stakeholders to achieve sustainable success for your business.


We assist a wide range of technology and manufacturing companies grow with seasoned temporary managers.


We specialize in strategy, global business development, product roadmap, restructuring and business planning.


By working in the trenches we provide insights and develop tailored solutions for expansion.


Our clients span from startups to global corporates, facing a range of business, structuring, finance and product challenges. 

Follow in our blog some lessons learnt

from key assignments with our clients



At makwa, we are a team of experienced interim managers who work closely with our clients to achieve their business goals.

Our high ethical standards and innovative strategies form the cornerstone of our successful approach.


We delve deep into your business, crafting customized solutions focused on change management to propel your business forward. Contact us today to discover how we can help drive your business to new heights.

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